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Can You Make French Toast With Just Eggs?

    Can You Make French Toast With Just Eggs?

    When it comes to traditional morning foods, there are not many meals as well-liked as French toast. Its crust is golden brown, and it has a custardy middle and unlimited topping possibilities, all of which combine to make it a go-to option for morning meals.

    However, have you ever considered the possibility that you could prepare French toast with only eggs? In this article, we’re going to delve into this intriguing subject and investigate the various ways in which eggs alone can be used to make a mouthwatering version of French toast.

    What Is Just Egg?

    Just Egg is a plant-based alternative to scrambled eggs from the Eat Just company. It is liquid and comes in a bottle. Simply heat a skillet and scramble it like an egg.

    You can also cook omelets, quiche, and french toast, among other things! It’s also an excellent vegan egg alternative for baking.

    What Is Just Egg Made Of?

    Mung beans, canola oil, water, and a variety of spices, including turmeric for color, are the main ingredients in Just Egg.

    Understanding The Basics Of French Toast

    Let’s examine the fundamental components of this mouthwatering delicacy first before delving into the question of whether or not it is possible to prepare French toast with just eggs.

    The traditional method for making French toast involves drenching slices of bread in an egg and milk combination that has been mixed together.

    Not only does this mixture impart flavor, but it also lends the toast its characteristic texture, similar to custard. After being soaked, the bread pieces are cooked on a griddle or in a skillet until the exteriors become golden brown and crunchy.

    Best Bread For French Toast

    If you can locate vegan brioche bread, that would be fantastic! You could even create a vegan brioche loaf from scratch and leave it out for a full 24 hours to dry out.

    A Pullman loaf, commonly known as standard sandwich bread, can be used. This bread can be obtained in the bakery area of supermarkets or at a local bakery.

    Make sure to get it unsliced! If you buy it presliced, it will be overly thin, resulting in soggy french toast.

    A crusty bread, such as sourdough or french bread, will also work. Just make sure you order unsliced.

    Making French Toast With Just Eggs


    Sugar – I like to use brown sugar here because of its deep flavor, but any granulated sweetener will do. 

    Ground cinnamon- Ground cinnamon should be used. 

    Nutmeg- Nutmeg is optional and can be left out if you don’t have any on hand. 

    Salt- A pinch of salt enhances and balances the other flavors. 

    Just Egg: Use the liquid version of this egg substitute, which may be purchased in the grocery store near the eggs or vegan product department. 

    Vegan Creamer: Use unsweetened, unflavored vegan creamer or half-and-half that is typically used for coffee to create a delicious custard mixture.

    Silk is a brand I enjoy. Regular plant-based milk can also be used, although the mixture will be significantly thinner.

    Vanilla: Use a high-quality pure vanilla extract. 

    Almond Extract: Optional, but delicious if you have some on hand!

    Bread – I love thick pieces of French, sourdough, or brioche bread, but any sort will do.

    Vegan Butter- Vegan butter adds a lovely buttery flavor to the bread and helps it toast to a beautiful golden brown.

    How To Prepare Just Egg French Toast?

    • In a small bowl, combine the brown sugar with the seasonings. When seasonings are combined with sugar, they are less likely to rise to the surface of the custard mixture. Combine the sugar and spices in a large, shallow dish, such as a pie pan.
    • Pour the Just Egg and any additional liquid ingredients into the dish. Combine everything with a whisk.
    • Coat a heated nonstick skillet with vegan butter.
    • Just before adding bread segments to a hot pan, dunk them in the custard mixture. Before adding them to the pan, let them soak on each side and brush off any excess.

    Cook It

    • Pan-fry the french toast segments until golden brown on each side. Utilize a sturdy, thin spatula to rotate them, as some sticking is anticipated.
    • If they are difficult to turn with a spatula, your pan may not have had enough vegan butter or you may need to cook them for a little longer.
    • After cooking the first batch, rinse the pan clean and add additional vegan butter for the second batch. Repeat the soaking and frying processes until every slice is cooked.
    • Place the cooked French toast slices in the microwave or a lidded dish to keep them warm while the remaining slices are being prepared.
    • Enjoy the French toast with your preferred toppings while it is still warm.

    Toping Suggestions

    • Nuts
    • Fruits and Vegetables
    • Sugar Maple Syrup
    • Vegan Spread 
    • Preserved Fruits
    • granulated sugar 
    • Topping (Whipped)

    Thanks for reading. I hope you find it helpful.

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