10 Groceries To Buy When You’re Broke

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Here's a shopping insider pro tip for rice, a versatile pantry staple that can be added to a lot of different dishes. Compared to white rice, brown rice keeps you fuller longer.


Consider quick family dinners like spaghetti and fettuccine alfredo or romantic date-night fare like pasta al limone or cacio e pepe.


Beans can be used in cooking in a variety of recipes, including soups, stews, chilis, salads, and even as a side dish, just like rice and pasta.

Frozen Fruits and Vegetables

According to Ashley Schuering of Confessions of a Grocery Addict, frozen produce is frequently less expensive than fresh produce.

In-Season Fruits and Vegetables

Bananas, greens, green onions, celery, and other non-frozen fruits and vegetables are among those that Schuering advises consumers to buy on a tight budget.

Rolled Oats

Instead of using instant oatmeal that comes in a package, cook your own with rolled oats. Oats can be added to flour to be used in baking and are excellent for keeping you full.


Shop around at your neighborhood grocery stores for eggs. While this can occasionally be a costly grocery item, usually in the case of free-range eggs.

Canned Whole Tomatoes

Choose canned whole tomatoes if buying fresh tomatoes is simply out of the question. These can be included, according to Schuering, in soups, chili, and marinara sauce.

Plain Greek Yogurt

It may be used as yogurt or sour cream and is a fantastic source of calcium and protein. Purchasing a tub is also significantly less expensive than purchasing individual cups.

Canned Fish

You may be asking at this point where you can buy cheap meats. If you're not ready to become a strict vegetarian, buying canned fish is a terrific option to supplement your diet with animal protein.

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