10 Sneaky Tricks Every Wine Drinker Needs to Know

Annie's Water Ice

Chill Wine With Grapes

It's easy: Fruit should be washed before being placed in the freezer for five to six hours. They behave like an ice cube but won't melt and water down your beverage; also, they make a delicious after-dinner snack.

Sweeten It Up

Put a vibrant ice pop into your glass of white wine for a refreshing summer treat. Just take this as a warning: You'll want to sample every flavor in your box before the summer is out.

Freeze Leftovers

You won't want to serve these reserves at your upcoming book club meeting. This trick is more useful when you're cooking and need a little splash here and there for steamy recipes.

Filter Out Cork Pieces

So you unintentionally introduced some cork fragments into your brand-new pinot noir bottle. Not to worry! Just place a coffee filter in the shape of a triangle over a glass, then pour.

Open a Bottle With a Drill

This advice is for you if you're the type of DIYer who always has tools on hand rather than just a corkscrew. Simply put a screw into the top with a power drill, then wiggle the cork out with a hammer.

Make a Slushie

Use everyone's favorite pink wine to give a summer staple a sophisticated spin. Rosé can be frozen in ice cube trays, then blended the following day.

Cool Down With Towels

Never accept warm white wine. Wrap the bottle with a damp paper towel, place it in the freezer for a few minutes. You won't believe how quickly it cools off.

Infuse With Fruit Flavor

Use frozen blackberries, cherries, or pineapple to try the fruit trick with a bit more punch. Your already delicious glass gets some color and sweetness from it.

Make a Muffin Tin "Tray"

A muffin tin is as spill-proof as you can get and can accommodate 12 little plastic glasses at once.

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