11 Secrets You Never Knew About KFC

Customers in Japan celebrate Christmas Day with KFC

Some chicken lovers in Japan choose a family-sized bucket of Kentucky fried chicken, while Americans intend to eat a large Christmas turkey or ham (or both).

The idea for KFC started in a gas station.

The Colonel was a real person called Harland David Sanders who started a fast-food empire with his chicken recipe.

Colonel Sanders took aim (with a gun!) at a business rival.

Sanders was an aggressive marketer who painted advertising signs on structures miles away from his petrol station turned restaurant.

White pepper might be the secret to KFC's recipe.

KFC's chicken formula has long been kept a closely guarded secret, but in 2016 a Chicago Tribune writer discovered what is allegedly the authentic recipe, complete with all 11 herbs and spices—including white pepper.

They serve chicken gizzards.

Gizzards, a muscle in a chicken's digestive tract that contains all the dirt they take up when they peck on the ground, are not for the faint of heart.

There's a hack for ordering the discontinued Double Down Sandwich.

There is no longer a Double Down sandwich on the KFC menu, which had bacon, sliced cheese, and the Colonel's Special Sauce between two fried chicken filets.

KFC doesn't want you to think about the chicken being fried.

If you're old enough, you're aware that Kentucky Fried Chicken used to be the name of KFC. The name change, which took place in 1991, was a part of a branding effort to try to make the company sound healthier by dropping the word "fried."

The founder of Wendy's actually came up with the famous chicken bucket.

Wendy's founder Dave Thomas was a KFC franchisee and employee. Thomas created the red-and-white chicken bucket, condensed menu, and revolving placards.

KFC once offered a fried chicken prom corsage.

A florist shipped the corsage structure, some baby's breath, and a $5 KFC gift card to those who were bold enough to buy it for their date so they could finish the arrangement with some freshly cooked chicken.

You can turn your KFC biscuits into tasty sliders.

The original recipe chicken, coleslaw, and biscuits are on the menu. The biscuits should then be split in half, topped with coleslaw, chicken that has been shred, and. Perhaps a little barbecue sauce would be nice.

You can get fish donuts and shrimp stars (just not in the U.S.)

Singapore's KFC is quite crazy. Shrimp Stars and Fish Donuts were first made available in the chain's Singapore stores in 2012, according to Mashed.

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