12 Best Fast-Food Burgers, According to Chefs

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Wendy's Junior Bacon Cheeseburger

It would have to be Wendy's junior bacon cheeseburger if it were fast food. I can simply smile when I talk about this burger.

Shake Shack's Smoke Shack Burger

It's a Shake Shack Smoke Shack Burger. The potato bun just elevates the intense bacon flavor. A side of Chicago-style hot dogs is also available.

In-N-Out's Double Animal Style

Cherry peppers, smoky bacon, and American cheese provide some spiciness and acidity to the dish. It hits all the high points of a mouthwatering dish.

Whataburger with Cheese, Bacon, and Jalapenos

Whataburger, according to Fort Worth-based Chef Tim Love, is his favorite Texas restaurant brand. He described it as "like a fresh, clean, Texas version of McDonald's."

Tasty Burger's Cheeseburger

According to Chef Michael Serpa of Boston's Atlántico, Select Oyster Bar, and Little Whale, local chains rule "Here in Boston, Tasty Burger has got to be my favorite fast food, or rather counter-service, burger.

Shake Shack's Stackburger

It's ideal for late-night eating after a long day, and his advice is to always order the burger "With extra cheese! Yummy!

Culver's Butter Burger

The whole family enjoys it. It's a midwestern franchise that makes excellent custard and passably tasty hamburgers.

In-N-Out's Double Double

The chain, which was his favorite eatery in Los Angeles, commended the "excellent" burger's bun, good-quality meat, non-limp fresh greens, and ideal "cheese-like substance."

In-N-Out's Animal Style Double-Double Cheeseburger

Tyler Florence, a food blogger, frequently orders an Animal Style Double-Double Cheeseburger.

Burger King's Whopper

The king is Burger King! Overall, I believe their quick food has the most flavor "BLT Restaurants, several locations, Laurent Tourondel.

White Castle's Sliders

This dish is so well-liked that Chef Patrick Rebholz of Yardbird and the restaurant's renowned Crave Case were featured in a movie.

Five Guys' Little Bacon Cheeseburger

Zac Young, the host of Unique Sweets and pastry chef, said to Thrillist that he enjoys Five Guys "Five Guys serves my favorite fast-food burger. A Little Bacon Cheeseburger is what I order."

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