12 Old-Fashioned Airline Foods We Want Back ASAP

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1. Chateaubriand

On a moving trolley in the aisle, TWA was infamous for cutting chateaubriand.

2. Baked Alaska

Cathay Pacific used to make Baked Alaska while in flight. Could you picture igniting something in a modern airplane?

3. Prawn Curry

Singapore Airlines' early 1970s flight menus included regionally inspired delicacies like Malaysian salad and prawn curry.

4. Tea in the sky

Additionally, airlines introduced distinct dining areas and drink bars on board, and Japan Airlines even reproduced a Teahouse in the Sky that was fashioned to seem like a classic Japanese inn at one point.

5. An entire restaurant menu

Beginning in the 1950s, Pan Am and Maxim's de Paris, the renowned eatery next to Place de la Concorde, collaborated to offer the French cuisine of the illustrious restaurant on international flights.

6. Carrots Vichy

This beautiful carrot dish, which bears the name of the charming French resort town of Vichy, was a side dish on the Pan Am Maxim's menu. It is sweet and slightly caramelized.

7. Boeuf Braise Bogeouise

Here is a recipe for the traditional French dish that is served at the Maxim, courtesy of Julia Child, another legendary French chef.

8. Caviar

Caviar in the air was the hot commodity and symbolized the opulent, glam travel era; in the 1950s, Air France served Beluga caviar on board.

9. Assiette Parisienne

Aaaah, la la! The best French cuisine served on Jet Clipper flights operated by Pan Am even inspired the economy class menu.

10. Fricassee of Veal a l'Ancienne

Early in the 1960s, a menu for economy class comprised rice pilaf with peas and the traditional French comfort food Fricassee of Veal a l'Ancienne.

11. Broiled Beef Teriyaki

On a 1970s economy class Pan Am flight between New York, Fairbanks, and Tokyo, the broiled beef teriyaki, chicken hasamiyaki, and the perennial favorite braised beef bourguignon were highlighted on the menu.

12. Coffee, Tea or…?

International coffees such as Cafe Parisienne with Grand Mariner, Cafe Royal with Cognac, Cafe Mexicano with Kahlua, and Italian Coffee with amaretto di sal were also frequently provided on Pan Am flights.

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