5 Regional Burger Chains with the Highest Quality Food

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Dick's Drive-In

Burger lovers in Washington state go crazy for Dick's Drive-In, and not just for its affordable prices and review-worthy customer service.


In terms of sales, Culver's ranked among the top 25 US fast-food chains in 2020, generating over $1.9 billion in sales with a presence of only 782 stores.


The bulk of Whataburgers is based in Texas, but the chain's footprint already spans 14 states and will continue to expand in the coming years.

cook out

Cook Out started in 1989 and currently has 313 stores in ten states. Founded in North Carolina, the burger and BBQ chain is focused mostly in the Southeast.

Milo's Hamburgers

A small-scale Alabama burger chain, Milo's Hamburgers originated in Birmingham in 1946, founded by Milo Carlton, a former US Army mess cook.

When it comes to burger chains, the difference between a regional and a national brand can be difficult to define.

Coastal favorites like In-N-Out and Shake Shack, for example, have only a fraction of McDonald's domestic store count -- but still, rank among the top 14 largest burger chains by sales.

As countless regional brands have proven over the years—from Culver's and Hardee's to Checkers and Carl's Jr.—"regionalism" is by no means a barrier to financial success and popularity with customers.

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