6 Foods To Avoid When You Have a Sore Throat

1 Crunchy snacks

When consumed, things like chips, crackers, and similar items may feel sharp and increase discomfort. These foods' sharp edges can pierce your already-painful throat, making it hurt.

2 Citrus fruit

They include a lot of vitamin C, which is beneficial while you're sick. However, it's best to avoid eating fresh fruits like oranges, lemons, and limes until your sore throat goes away if the acidity of them increases the irritation in your throat when you consume them.

3 Acidic foods

Acidic meals like tomato sauce, like citrus fruits, can irritate your throat. If they are, stay away from them until your pain goes away—then go ahead and eat the (healthier) pizza!

4 Spicy foods

Some people need to avoid using hot sauce or sriracha when they have a sore throat. These kinds of meals may irritate the already inflamed throat tissue or aggravate it further.

5 Hard raw vegetables

While celery and carrot stalks are undoubtedly nutritious, their roughness may be uncomfortable if it comes in contact with the sore spot on your throat.

6  Breaded and Fried Foods

When you're sick, eating fried foods like chicken and onion rings may be soothing, but the rough coating may irritate your sore throat.

Your best bet for assisting your body in healing when you have a sore throat is to stay away from these meals and opt for healthier alternatives. Avoid eating anything that can irritate your throat until you start feeling better because sore throats can vary in how painful they are.

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