6 Once-Favorite Fast-Food Items We Don't Eat Anymore

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Finding a popular new item at your go-to fast-food restaurant feels like striking gold. These products may have generated a lot of noise when they were initially introduced or may have quietly crept up on you.

KFC Double Down or a McDonald's McRib. In other instances, a lot of fast-food innovations that were once a hit gradually lose momentum and popularity among diners.

Many of these fast food orders that are still hanging on by a thread occasionally make a comeback, but diners all over the world continue to be perplexed as to how these dishes and beverages keep making it into permanent menus.

Culver's Harvest Veggie Burger

Butter Burgers are Culver's specialty, although the fast food chain has subsequently grown. The company's decision to start producing veggie burgers proved to be a success.

After 12 different patty configurations, the company produced a well-liked all-vegetable burger. The burger's appearance was praised by Reddit users, and many others rushed to try it.

McDonald's Filet-O-Fish

In the 1960s, when the Filet-O-Fish made its debut, it had rivals. Reader's Digest claims that a McDonald's employee created this item to appeal to vegetarians.

Ray Kroc, who was instrumental in making McDonald's a household name in the fast food industry, learned of this menu change and tried a hula burger.

Wendy's Chili

It may seem strange to order chili in a fast food restaurant famed for its burgers, but Wendy's has persisted in ensuring that its famous chili is always available.

Burger King's Impossible Whopper

Burger King made the most of this ingredient back in 2019 and drew a huge crowd of eager customers eager to sample an Impossible Whopper.

Some stores are said to have sold about 34,000 Impossible Whoppers per day in the beginning of the burger's run, but the meal was unable to maintain this momentum.

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