7 Secrets Cracker Barrel Doesn't Want You to Know


In the early 1990s, the company was overtly anti-gay

Cracker Barrel adopted an official hiring policy in 1991 that advocated for the termination of any employees who did not uphold "traditional American values," which particularly singled out LGBTQ people.

The restaurant has faced multiple accusations of discriminating against people with disabilities

A class action lawsuit against Cracker Barrel in 2014 revealed that its more than 100 restaurants' handicapped parking spaces did not meet American standards.

The chain willfully underpaid workers, lawsuit claims

Only when they are actively engaged in the type of service where tipping is common are employees who get a portion of their pay in the form of tips permitted to be paid at a lower rate.

Cracker Barrel has also faced accusations of racial discrimination

In the summer of 2004, 21 people banded together to sue Cracker Barrel for $100 million, alleging rampant racial discrimination on the part of the business.

The Cracker Barrel logo has gone viral for the wrong reasons

The instantly recognizable emblem of Cracker Barrel is frequently brought up in conversation, though rarely for reasons the corporation would prefer.

A customer once found a razor blade in her hamburger

A woman sliced her mouth on a piece of a razor blade that was lodged in a hamburger patty that was served to her at Cracker Barrel in 2007, causing her harm.

Cracker Barrel served a man sanitizer

A guy was given a glass of cleaner by Cracker Barrel earlier this year, and the company was forced to pay him $9.4 million.

Millions of Americans really adore visiting Cracker Barrel, a country store and casual restaurant in the South. The firm now has more than 660 stores throughout 45 states since its founding in 1969.

The eateries, which take their name from a real cracker-filled barrel that was previously popular in country stores, have diverse rustic d├ęcor and a reasonably priced comfort food menu.

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