7 Secrets You Never Knew About Wendy's

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Founder Dave Thomas regretted naming the chain after his daughter

Wendy Thomas said in a 2019 interview honoring the franchise's 50th anniversary that her father told her before he passed away in 2002 that he regretted naming the fast-food restaurant after her.

Very little thought went into the name

Wendy also mentioned how her father's suggestion to create a restaurant was somewhat unexpected. She claimed he declared he was opening a business that would solely sell hamburgers when he returned home one day.

The chili is made of leftover hamburger bits

According to Wendy's website, contrary to the social media rumor that once circulated, the renowned chili is really created from leftover hamburger.

Order when it's busy

The ideal time to place an order at Wendy's is during peak hour, according to a former employee who posted on Reddit. During the lunch rush, the quickest and most seasoned employees worked all stations.

Dave Thomas didn't graduate high school

Dave Thomas, the man behind Wendy's, didn't complete high school the first time around, but at 61 he obtained his GED.

Drive-thru employees are always listening

A sensor in your automobile activates the microphone when you approach the speaker in a drive-through lane.

The lemonade is far from fresh

Although there are fresh lemon slices in the display pitcher, Blanton also noted that the restaurant's lemonade isn't "fresh-squeezed."

Usually, when we go through a drive-through, we expect our meal to be quick, hot, and delectable. We don't truly consider how it came into our possession so rapidly or what it might mean.

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