7 "Spanish" Foods No One Eats in Spain

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In truth, the Spanish do consume tortillas pretty frequently. But unlike a flat corn or flour tortilla, a Spanish tortilla is an omelet made with eggs, potatoes, and onions.


Via Matador, paella is consumed in Spain, but it's only typical in some regions; it's barely a common dish.


Contrary to popular belief, tapas are not a form of meal in and of themselves, according to Spanish Sabores.


Sangria is generally served to visitors in Spain, while it is occasionally served by Land Lopers during events or celebrations.


In Spain, jalapeo peppers are not very common. Although some people may mistakenly think of them as "Spanish," they are actually Mexican in origin and are still widely used today.

Tacos and burritos

Mexicans make tacos. In fact, according to Twisted Taco, they were a pre-Mexican cuisine that was consumed in Meso-America long before the arrival of the Spanish.


Ceviche, a meal made of shrimp cooked in citrus acid, is said to have originated in South America rather than Spain, though this claim is debatable.

From history to art to beaches to wine, the top few reasons to visit Spain all place food pretty high on the list. Spain's seafood is world-class since it is surrounded by water on most sides.

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