How To Get Rid of Your Stress Belly


1. Eliminate alcohol, or cut it down drastically.

When it comes about dieting, nutrition tips for getting rid of belly tension are important the same as nutrition tips for weight loss in general.

2. Opt for a healthy plant-based diet.

Plant based foods are mostly high in nutrient and low in calories, contain fiber, which is essential for our digestion.

3. Eat low calorie food.

It's important to eat a calorie deficit, so you are burning more calories than you take. Avoid or take very little help of heavy carbohydrate foods like fries, pasta and bread.

4. Reduce the size of your plate.

Choose a plate that is smaller all the way around. This trick really works! You have to start your meal with less food on your small plate and also think about whether you really want to eat more.

5. Take time while eating.

This is easy. Just relax and then eat slow. It takes time for your body to realize when it is full.

6. Decrease your protein consumption.

Maintaining high-protein diet is helpful in reducing weight, as protein intake helps building muscle. More muscle mass burns more calories every day.

7. Choose a less sweet lifestyle.

It's important to reduce your intake of sugar-sweetened beverages such as soda and juice. It is a surefire way to cut calories you may not even know you are adding.

8. Add leafy greens, dark chocolate, avocado and olive oil to your shopping list.

Foods high in omega-3 fatty acids, like olive oil and avocados, have beneficial anti-inflammatory effects, and foods with a high magnesium content, such as leafy greens and dark chocolate, may also help reduce stress levels.

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