8 Classic Holiday Dishes That Should Never Make a Comeback

Ambrosia salad

The outmoded flavor combinations of ambrosia salad simply don't appeal to the majority of Christmas revelers these days, and it has amassed more than its share of detractors over time.

Jell-O salad

Seeing a Jell-O salad among a Thanksgiving buffet is one of the things that makes polite home guests feel forced to try everything the most terrified.


Even though you might not think of aspic when you think of Thanksgiving, many families nevertheless prepare some variation of the meal every year.

Oyster casserole

Crushed Saltine crackers, canned or jarred oysters, half-and-half, butter, Worcestershire sauce, and other ingredients are frequently used in oyster casseroles, which blend flavors that don't appear to be in style anymore.

Cranberry sauce

The traditional Thanksgiving side dish of cranberry sauce is seen on many tables all around the country during this time.

Sweet potato pie

A sweet potato pie makes lot more sense to add in your Thanksgiving table than some other antiquated dishes.

Banana pudding pie

A banana pudding pie may or may not come to mind when you think of the holidays, but it most definitely does not bring to mind scenes of changing leaves or cozy fires.

Candied yams

Menus for holidays have long included candied yams. Despite the name, the recipe usually calls for cooking sweet potato chunks in a mixture of butter, cinnamon, sugar, and other fall-themed spices.

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