8 Strict Rules McDonald's Employees Have to Follow


There's a long probation period

McDonald's has a technically probationary term of 120 days for new hires, though this might vary from store to restaurant.

Refuse drive-thru service to these customers

The drive-thru is one of the most significant components of McDonald's business, but if you arrive on foot or by bicycle, the personnel will be unable to serve you.

Play it cool around celebs

It's common knowledge that famous people, from Kylie Jenner to Adele, appreciate the McDonald's menu staples.

Say no to tips

McDonald's has a no-tipping policy, in case you missed it. If you leave some change assuming it will go to the person who served you, you are mistaken.

Act as if your phone doesn't exist

 McDonald's workers should put their phones away and focus on their jobs. A cell phone "must not be used, shown, or heard in any manner," under the company's manual.

You can't prepare your own food

Workers have right to free or highly subsidized meals during their shift, but they are not expected to cook for themselves.

No loitering at the workplace

Employees should not arrive to the restaurant more than 15 minutes before their shift begins or stay longer than 15 minutes after their shift concludes.

Be cautious about your social media conduct

Employees of McDonald's are cautioned to be careful while referencing the fast food chain online.

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