9 Secrets Hooters Servers Want You to Know

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Hooters employees are entertainers, not servers

According to VT, Hooters waiters are technically considered entertainers, but this is only done so the restaurant corporation can claim legitimate professional qualification limits and be picky about who they hire.

Most are using the job as a stepping stone

Contrary to common belief, the majority of Hooters performers are everything from superficial, uninteresting, or straightforward, according to Hello Bombshell and other sources.

"Hi! Welcome to Hooters!"

Although the majority of the customers are courteous and respectful, the servers are truly pleased to see them, but they aren't allowed to show their feelings in a creative way.

They want to know if it's your first time

If it's your first time at Hooters, don't be shy. The personnel love showering "Hooters virgins" with attention and will surround you, sing to you, and make you feel welcome, per VT.

They go out of their way to be nice to women

If you've ever felt a Hooters entertainer giving a woman extra attention, you were right. The crew is instructed to treat ladies cordially when a party includes both men and women, especially a pair.

No, there is no breast size requirement

Bustiness is not a necessity for employment, a smaller-chested former employee told Business Insider.

The employees get along great

Business Insider reports that a business where scantily-clad women compete for male consumers is not a competitive one.

Name tag colors have meaning

A Hooters performer with a white name tag is under 21. Orange tags indicate a server is 21 or older, while gold tags indicate she's a trainer.

You will be kicked out for inappropriate comments or behavior

Yes, Hooters is a unique experience, and personnel are rarely surprised by innuendos or comments from customers.

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