9 Secrets You Never Knew About In-N-Out


1. There are bible verse numbers hidden on the packaging.

Many people are unaware that In-N-Out has bible verse numbers printed on much of its packaging, despite Chick-fil-well-known A's commitment to Christianity and continued Sunday closings at all of its restaurants.

2. The family owners have been plagued by tragedies and infighting.

According to Mashed, the Snyder family has a history of both internal and external lawsuits, fatal plane accident deaths, and drug and alcohol problems.

3. Some locations defied COVID rules.

According to CBS, an In-N-Out in San Francisco, the only one in the city, was briefly closed because the eatery refused to verify the immunization status of guests inside.

4. Employees are told to focus on presentation over everything else.

The crew at In-N-Out is obligated to ensure that your food not only tastes excellent but also looks beautiful. According to Business Insider, they are not permitted to put more than two burgers and two fries, four fries, or six burgers into those recognizable red trays.

5. Some managers make a solid six-figure income

According to Indeed, an In-N-Out shop manager can earn an income that is unexpectedly high considering that the average salary for In-N-Out employees is considerably under $50,000 per year, and that is the case even for assistant managers.

6. In-N-Out is very strict about employee uniforms.

Employees at In-N-Out must dress in white socks, white pants, white shirts, black shoes, a belt, a red apron with a gold pin, a hat, and name tags provided by the firm.

7. Each store has a secret menu item you can't have.

Here, we're not referring to a "Not So Secret" menu item, but rather to a real off-menu item that patrons are unable to request. a previous manager who was cited in Thrillist.

8. In-N-Out will (probably) never come east.

There is little to no chance that an In-N-Out will ever open in the eastern states, even if the chain occasionally teases markets outside of its western realm with transient pop-up outposts.

9. In-N-Out has always been secretive.

In-N-Out is and has always been a privately held, family-owned business, unlike the majority of prosperous fast-food franchises, especially those that have been in operation for many years.

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