9 Strict Rules You Never Knew Baking Show Contestants Have to Follow

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There are certain age requirements

Applying to a baking show isn't a "one-size-fits-all" process. Some shows, like Kids Baking Championship, accept 9-year-olds, but others do not.

You have to go through an intense application process

The Great British Bake Off and Best Baker in America are competitive baking shows. Applicants face rigorous interviews, screen tests, and background checks.

You have to wear the same clothes days in a row.

On The Great British Bake Off and Baking Impossible, contestants must wear the same costume throughout one episode.

You also must be available to film for weeks on end

On a baking show, don't expect speedy filming. All Great British Bake Off contestants must commit to 21 days on set over ten weeks.

Some shows want amateur bakers, while others want professionals

Contestants cannot have official training in baking, cooking, food manufacturing, food preparation, or catering in the prior ten years.

You have to cook in a tent on The Great British Bake Off (even if it's raining)

The Great British Bake Off exclusively films in a vast outdoor tent. The competition isn't held in a tent due to space problems or by accident.

Individual challenges can sometimes count the most on Holiday Baking Championship

Individual challenges count the most on Food Network's Holiday Baking Championship.

None of the baked goods get wasted on The Great British Bake Off

No baked products are wasted on the show. The Sun reports that finalists receive a "baker's basket" with samples of the day's cakes.

Don't expect to always win a prize

Best Baker in America and Holiday Baking Championship winners receive cash. The Great British Bake Off doesn't pay first-place bakers.

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