All The Golden Rules You Didn't Realize McDonald's Employees Have To Follow

Burgers can only sit for 15 minutes.

Burgers prepared with "ordinary" meat must be discarded after 15 minutes, while chicken nuggets can only be left out for 20 minutes and better-quality meats must be discarded after 60.

Burgers have to be assembled in a specific order.

According to the restaurant, it significantly alters how the dish tastes. According to Sam, a department manager, "In some circumstances it has a tremendous influence."

But employees can customize meals.

Whether it's a McDouble disguised as a Big Mac or a grilled cheese, staff members are frequently pleased to satisfy a customer who requests a particular request.

Ronald McDonald can only answer to one name.

And Ronald McDonald is there. Those selected to represent the mascot must go through training and are only allowed to respond to Ronald while dressed as the character.

And eating while in costume is a big no-no.

dirty makeup? Sorry, no thanks. In addition, Ronald McDonald is not allowed to give youngsters hugs (a pat on the back would do) or explain to them where beef patties come from.

If a customer refuses to pull forward, don't push.

Employees have no legal recourse if a driver refuses to go forward and park when their meal hasn't yet arrived.

Sorry, no walking through the drive-thru.

It is a difficulty at McDonald's. The company's website states that employees cannot serve both vehicles and people from the same service window for security reasons.

Good news: You can request specific Happy Meal toys.

But be aware that not all personnel take pleasure in rummaging through the toys to discover the thing you asked for. You may also be able to buy the toy alone in some stores.

There's no official secret menu.

According to Mental Floss, there are numerous tales about a McDonald's "secret menu" but there isn't actually one and employees aren't allowed access to it.

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