How Much You Should Really Tip At Restaurants 

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You've finished your delicious meal, and now it's time to pay the bill. The server checks your hands, and you take a look at that big bold number down below and the questioning starts immediately.

How much should you tip? Is 20% still expected, or do servers seek more after the pandemic? And if the service is bad, should they get a tip?

You can ask ten people who work in the industry, and you'll get half a dozen different answers. Ask ten different bar or restaurant guests, and you're sure to get ten different answers.

His question has become infinitely more complicated since Covid. Pre-Covid, the answer would have been between 18% to 20%.

During COVID, tips increased substantially as those who continued to work during the pandemic received substantial additional gratuities.

But what is the correct answer? A 20% to 25% tip would be considered standard for tipping in restaurants. Tipping 25% if her order is small and the service was excellent.

While the restaurant industry and workers have been hit hard by the pandemic, the rest of the world is also grappling with how to manage their budgets especially with rising inflationary prices and a crashing economy.

Finally, still going for the typical 20% at restaurants is what many industry experts would recommend—and add more if you want to be especially generous after you've received enjoyable service.

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