The #1 Lowest Quality Menu Item at a Seafood Restaurant

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Seafood's three charms: There are lots of fish and crustaceans to pick from, so you never eat the same thing. They may be served simply or with nearly any seasoning, and they have many health benefits.

Fish is a high source of omega-3 fatty acids, which promote brain function and lessen heart disease risk. Generally, seafood is healthy. Choosing the appropriate kinds is key.

You should choose quality seafood. Same goes for seafood restaurant menus. While these businesses provide shrimp, crab, trout, and salmon, not every dish is grade-A.

Popular clam chowder contains lower-quality components. Clam chowder employs canned clams usually never fresh ones.

While there's nothing wrong with utilizing canned products, canned clams are low-quality since they contain a hazardous chemical.

Canned clams aren't the only reason to forgo the soup. Chef Hansen says flour, potatoes, and cream overpower the clams in clam chowder.

I've always liked cooking calamari. When I make it, I make sure the squid isn't rubbery and chewy. I season the batter to avoid boring, brown food.

Every time I order this in a restaurant, the chef hasn't done these procedures to ensure delicious calamari. It's either undercooked, leaving the squid rubbery, or overcooked, making the batter crunchy.

Despite its awful preparation and flavor, East still orders it often. While it's not the worst seafood menu dish, it's the one most chefs get incorrectly.

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Annie's Water Ice

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