The 5 Best Stretches To Do Before You Walk Every Day

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Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch

Starting in a half-kneeling stance, bring one leg forward and one leg behind you to perform this first stretch. Leaning forward, as if you were lunging, keep your chest up and your core tight until you feel a strong stretch in your hip flexor.

Rock backward and forward, gradually extending your range of motion. Once you've gotten a nice stretch, switch sides. Spend 15 to 30 seconds on either side of this stretch.

Single-Leg Deadlift Reach

Stand tall with your arms straight above your head and one knee "elevated" in front of you as if you were ascending an invisible stair for the single-leg deadlift reach. After that, softly bend forward as though you were touching the ground with your fingers.

Extend your lifted leg behind you while you do this. Throughout this movement, maintain a straight back. At the bottom, get a good hamstring stretch. Then, slowly return to the starting position while squeezing your glute to complete the movement.

Downward Dog Calf Stretch

Position yourself in the downward dog position with one foot crossed over the other to perform this stretch. Drop your heel to stretch your calf, then elevate your calf and then lower your heel to extend the range of motion. Change legs once your heel is on the ground. Count to five on each leg.

Alternating Pigeon Pose

Starting on the floor, roll your left leg underneath you, and straighten your right leg back to perform the alternate pigeon stance. Obtain a strong stretch in your hip and glute, hold the position for a short period of time until the muscles release, then switch to your other leg and repeat. Count to five on each leg.

Pec Stretch

Prepare for the pec stretch last but certainly not least. Put your elbow and arm up against a stable beam or a doorway at a 90-degree angle. As you turn your body away, keep your core taut and your shoulder blade pushed back.

A strong chest stretch should be experienced. Maintain the position, then gradually extend the range of motion as your pecs begin to relax. Change sides after holding the stretch for the allotted amount of time. Spend 20 to 30 seconds on either side of this stretch.

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