The 6 Worst Fast-Food Burgers if You Have High Cholesterol

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Fast food can truly save the day if you are running late for dinner and have hungry mouths to feed. But that fast food burger you're eating might be doing more damage than good if you have high cholesterol.

Dietitians have determined that these 6 fast food burgers are some of the worst for your cholesterol, therefore you should avoid them if you have high cholesterol.

1. Burger King Bacon King

Nearly 1,500 calories and 44 grams of saturated fat are contained in this massive burger. I'd advise skipping it or splitting it between 4 people because it contains 1/2 pound of meat, bacon, and American cheese.

2. Burger King Texas Double Whopper

According to Veronica Rouse, RDN of The Heart Dietitian, a double beef burger with cheese and bacon is heavy in saturated fat, and too much of it can raise LDL cholesterol levels.

3. The Wendy's Big Bacon Cheddar Triple Cheeseburger

This fast food burger has three times as much cheese and beef as a typical cheeseburger (yeah, and add some bacon).

4. The Hardee's Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger

Saturated fat is the kind of fat that clogs your arteries and boosts your cholesterol, and this Hardee's burger will add an amazing 57 grams to your diet.

5. Culver's Bacon Deluxe Triple Burger

For a burger that is high in saturated fat, use three times as much meat and cheese and top it with some bacon and mayonnaise.

6. Whataburger Bacon & Cheese Burger

There are 13 grams of saturated fat in this burger's 37 grams of total fat. With 62 grams of carbohydrates, the extra sugar may cause triglycerides to rise.

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