White Meat vs Dark Meat Chicken: Which Is Better for You?

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You grew up hearing that white meat was noticeably healthier than dark and that we should always choose chicken breasts over chicken thighs or legs.

I followed directions blindly and consistently chose white meat instead of dark, even though I don't enjoy chicken breast as much as the darker parts of the bird.

Much guidance came from people who said that white meat had fewer calories and less fat, so that's why they felt it was an obvious choice to choose it over dark.

Is White Meat Healthy?

What people say about white meat chicken is true: It generally has fewer calories and less fat than a piece of dark meat.

If you're paying attention to fat intake, it's also important to pay attention to how your white meat chicken is being prepared.

If you are going to eat breaded or fried white meat chicken tenders your fat intake is going to go up anyway. If you want to keep the fat content on the lower end, you are better off eating grilled or baked chicken breast.

Is Dark Meat Healthy?

We have established that white meat is generally low calorie and fat heavy but dark meat should not be overlooked. 

Both have their advantages

White meat provides a way to eat chicken with less fat, while dark meat can provide more nutrient-dense experience.

White meat is found in abundance in the breast where people usually get skinned. Dark meat is found in the legs, thighs, and wings, and these areas usually contain less meat.

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