11 Low-Fat Vegan Dinners for Weight Loss

Stir-Fried Tofu and Vegetables: Sauté tofu with a variety of colorful vegetables like bell peppers, broccoli, and snap peas in a low-sodium soy sauce or tamari. Serve over steamed cauliflower rice for a filling, low-fat meal.

Vegetable Lentil Soup: Simmer lentils with carrots, celery, onions, and diced tomatoes in a vegetable broth. Season with herbs for a hearty, fiber-rich dinner.

Chickpea and Spinach Curry: Cook chickpeas with tomatoes, fresh spinach, and a blend of curry spices in a light coconut milk. Serve this aromatic dish with a side of brown rice for added fiber.

Zucchini Noodles with Marinara Sauce: Spiralize zucchini into noodles and top with a homemade tomato marinara sauce. Add a sprinkle of nutritional yeast for a cheese-like flavor and extra nutrients.

Ratatouille: Simmer sliced eggplant, zucchini, bell peppers, and onions with tomatoes and garlic. This traditional French dish is low in fat and high in vegetables.

Stuffed Bell Peppers with Quinoa and Black Beans: Mix cooked quinoa and black beans with corn, diced tomatoes, and spices. Stuff into bell peppers and bake until tender.

Vegan Chili: Combine kidney beans, black beans, and lentils with chopped bell peppers, onions, and tomatoes. Season with chili powder and cumin for a robust, low-fat dinner.

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Tacos: Fill corn tortillas with roasted sweet potato cubes and black beans. Top with salsa and avocado for a satisfying, nutrient-packed meal.

Asian Cabbage Salad: Toss shredded cabbage, carrots, and green onions with baked tofu strips. Dress with a ginger-soy dressing for a crunchy, flavorful salad.

Butternut Squash and Kale Stew: Cook butternut squash and kale in a light vegetable broth with onions and a pinch of nutmeg. This stew is comforting and low in fat.

Mushroom and Pea Risotto: Make a creamy risotto using arborio rice cooked slowly with vegetable broth, adding mushrooms and peas towards the end. Flavor with garlic and fresh herbs for a luxurious feel without added fats.

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