8 Best Low-Impact Exercises for Weight Loss

Walking: One of the simplest forms of exercise, walking doesn't require any special equipment and can be done anywhere. It’s effective for burning calories, especially if you increase your pace or walk in hilly areas.

Cycling: Stationary or outdoor cycling is a great low-impact exercise that can help you burn a significant number of calories, depending on your speed and resistance.

Swimming: Swimming provides a total body workout that is gentle on the joints. It’s excellent for building endurance and muscle strength while helping you burn calories.

Elliptical Trainer: Using an elliptical provides a good cardiovascular workout with minimal stress on your knees, hips, and back. Adjust the resistance and incline to increase the intensity.

Rowing: Rowing is an effective full-body workout that enhances muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance. It burns calories efficiently without putting too much strain on your joints.

Pilates: Pilates focuses on core strength, flexibility, and overall body alignment. It’s not only beneficial for toning and building lean muscle but also supports weight loss by enhancing your overall body composition.

Yoga: While it’s often praised for its stress-relieving benefits, yoga can also be a helpful tool in your weight loss journey. Active styles like Vinyasa or Ashtanga can be particularly beneficial for burning calories and building muscle.

Strength Training with Resistance Bands: Resistance bands are great for strength training exercises that have minimal impact on the joints. They help in building muscle, which in turn boosts your metabolism and increases calorie burn.

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