9 Alcohol Alternatives for Weight Loss

Sparkling Water with a Twist of Lime or Lemon: This simple alternative is hydrating, has zero calories, and the citrus adds a nice zest that mimics the tanginess of a mixed drink.

Kombucha: While it contains a small amount of alcohol naturally occurring from the fermentation process, kombucha is low in calories and can be a great substitute for sugary cocktails or beer.

Non-alcoholic Beers: Many breweries now offer non-alcoholic versions of their beers. These often have fewer calories than their alcoholic counterparts and can satisfy the craving for a brew.

Mocktails: Create your own mocktails using fresh fruit juices (in moderation due to sugar content), herbs, and soda water. For instance, a virgin mojito with lime, mint, and soda water can be very refreshing without the added calories from alcohol.

Herbal and Fruit Teas: Chilled herbal or fruit-infused teas can be flavorful and satisfying. Experiment with different combinations and sweeten with a touch of honey if desired.

Iced Coffee: A cold brew or iced coffee can be a good pick-me-up and can replace alcoholic beverages at gatherings, especially when served with a splash of almond or oat milk.

Virgin Bloody Mary: This tomato juice-based drink is low in calories and can be quite filling. Spice it up with Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, salt, and pepper for an almost authentic Bloody Mary experience without the vodka.

Shrub Drinks: Vinegar-based shrubs mixed with soda water offer a unique tangy flavor and can be a great low-calorie cocktail substitute. These are especially good for those who enjoy sour drinks.

Seedlip or Other Non-alcoholic Spirits: Non-alcoholic spirits like Seedlip offer the complexity of a distilled spirit without the alcohol or calories, making them perfect for crafting sophisticated zero-proof cocktails.

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