9 Seasonal Workout Ideas to Keep Losing Weight All Year

Trail Running: As the weather warms up, take your runs to local trails. The varied terrain can boost calorie burn and improve your mood with scenic views.


Outdoor Yoga: Take advantage of the mild weather to practice yoga in a park. The fresh air will enhance your exercise experience and increase relaxation.

Beach Volleyball: Hit the beach for some volleyball. This fun sport burns calories and works various muscle groups, plus you get your vitamin D from the sun.


Swimming: Swimming is an excellent full-body workout that’s easy on the joints and effective for burning calories. It's especially refreshing during hot months.

Hiking: Explore the changing foliage while hiking. It’s a great way to enjoy the cooler temperatures and burn calories through varied intensities of hiking trails.


Cycling: Take your bike out for rides through different landscapes. Autumn’s mild temperatures make it perfect for longer rides that help with sustained fat burning.

Cross-Country Skiing: This winter sport is one of the highest calorie-burners, as it involves both upper and lower body strength.


Indoor Rock Climbing: When it's too cold outside, indoor rock climbing provides a challenging workout that burns calories and builds strength.

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