Top Workouts to Fight the Cold and Lose Weight

A spin class or stationary cycle at home can burn calories and increase leg strength. The persistent effort warms and boosts metabolism.

Indoor Cycling

Yoga in a hot atmosphere deepens stretches and raises your heart rate, burning calories while staying warm. The heat can also relieve cold-related muscular tightness.

Hot Yoga

Perform jumping jacks, burpees, push-ups, and squats in a circuit. The fast pace and variation keep the workout exciting and your body temperature up, helping you lose weight and develop muscle.

Circuit Training

Running on a treadmill is a good alternative to outdoor running in the cold. To burn more calories, you can vary the inclination and pace. Interval training—alternating high and low intensities—can improve performance.

Treadmill Running

Indoor rowing is a great aerobic and anaerobic workout. Low impact, good for joints, and works multiple muscle groups to burn calories.


Weightlifting or bodyweight activities increase metabolism. This indoor exercise works well with short aerobic bursts for warming and fat reduction.

Strength Training

These intense martial arts work your cardio and heat up your body. They help you lose weight and keep healthy while improving flexibility, balance, and strength.

Boxing or Kickboxing

Climbing stairs, whether on a machine or manually, raises your heart rate and body temperature. It targets massive leg muscles, which burns many calories.

Stair Climbing

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